Pest Control Tips, Squirrel Removal

How Do You Know if Squirrels Have Moved into Your Attic?

How Do You Know if Squirrels Have Moved into Your Attic?

Pest Control Tips, Squirrel Removal
Is There Any Way to Discourage Squirrels from Choosing Your Home As Their Home?

Although squirrels used to live solely in the wild, many of these creatures have become accustomed to living in rural, as well as urban, areas. While they might still exhibit caution around humans, they are not afraid to coexist with them. Squirrels typically look for a safe, warm space in which to nest and have their young. In fact, squirrels can survive in urban areas nearly as long as humans, so they can become permanent house guests unless you arrange to have them removed.

Seven Signs That Squirrels Are Living with You? If squirrels have moved into your attic, you should notice one or more of the following signs:

  1.  Sounds of movement in the attic that sound louder than a mouse would make
  2.  Unusual odors, particularly if they are foul or smell like urine
  3.  Collections of nuts
  4.  Signs that nuts have been buried in your yard or flower pots
  5.  Half-inch long droppings in the attic or beneath fruit or nut trees
  6.  Holes in wooden sections of your home, that look like chewing
  7. Nests made from vines, twigs, leaves, bark, and other types of debris

What Should You Do If You Believe Squirrels Have Moved into Your Attic?

If you think that squirrels are living in your attic, you should contact a wildlife control specialists for removal. Squirrels are known to bite people, particularly when they feel threatened by them.

Is There Any Way to Discourage Squirrels from Choosing Your Attic As Their Home?

The best way to prevent squirrels from moving into your home is to make it less attractive for them. Close off vents to the attic to eliminate easy access to the attic. Limit access to food sources by keeping pet food securely stored, getting rid of bird feeders, and placing garbage in a sealed container.

What You Need to Know about Squirrel Removal if they Moved into Your Yard or Attic

Squirrels living in rural and urban areas often move into attics when the weather gets cold or they need a nesting place to have their young.  If you suspect that squirrels might have moved into your attic, you can look for a variety of signs, such as piles of nuts, droppings, unusual odours  and nests. If you discover signs that squirrels are living amongst you, it is best to hire a professional squirrel removal company, particularly because the squirrels might bite you. Rather than deal with the annoyance of having squirrels to deal with, discourage their presence by locking up all food and sealing off all openings in your home’s construction.

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