Toronto’s Striped Skunks

Toronto’s Striped Skunks   A variety of wildlife live in Toronto, and many of these mammals can become nuisances for homeowners. The striped skunk is one of the animals that often move into a homeowner’s yard in search of a place to call home. A Striped Skunk’s Appearance   Striped skunks are easily recognizable by the line of white fur appearing on the entire length … Continue reading Toronto’s Striped Skunks


Essential Winter Pest Control Tips, Why It Matters

Essential Winter Pest Control, and Why It Matters Depending on where you live, winter may be a prime time of year for pests. With the crazy weather and the warmer winters, some pests are surviving, even thriving, in the coldest months. Insects and Their Different Forms Mosquitoes and deer flies are often seen as plagues of summer.  The adult deer fly season is most active … Continue reading Essential Winter Pest Control Tips, Why It Matters