Skunk Removal – City Of Toronto Skunk Removal

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Skunk Removal  A variety of wildlife live in Toronto, and many of these mammals can become nuisances for homeowners. The striped skunk is one of the animals that often move into a homeowner’s yard in search of a place to call home. A Striped Skunk’s Appearance   Striped skunks are easily recognizable by the line…

Squirrel Removal Scarborough

Squirrel Control Tips: Brampton Pest Control

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Squirrels Squirrel Removal Tips – Brampton Homeowners Infuriating Invaders. Few animals have benefited from suburban sprawl as much as Eastern Gray Squirrels have. Squirrels normally inhabit forests, but they are now more common in residential areas such as Brampton, ON, than their natural habitats. While squirrels aren’t dangerous animals, they can be quite destructive, so you…


Five Suburban Species Bringing Rabies into Your Backyard!

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Five Suburban Species Bringing Rabies into Your Backyard!  Rabies is a deadly viral infection that almost always proves fatal in the absence of prompt medical care. It can be transmitted via any bodily fluid of an infected animal, but most human cases stem from bites. Post-exposure treatment will give you a good chance of recovery,…

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